Friday, March 25, 2016

Which online casino is better? Downloadable vs. Instant Play vs. Mobile

Choosing the right online casino platform might leave you clueless to which one is best suited for you. Currently, there are 3 convenient ways to play casino online in your very own comfort zone – a downloadable casino, instant play and mobile casino.
downloadable casino requires you to download and install a software program into your computer. By opting this method, you may access to the designated online casino by just simply double-clicking the icon on your desktop.
Instant play operates directly from your browser and delivers the same user-experience, minus the downloading. Depending on the casinos, you must also be aware of what platform the casinos prefer their players to use if they operate on both downloadable and instant play, as some casinos tend to offer a larger variety of games in their downloadable version.
Lastly is the mobile version, which allows you play casino games via your mobile phone after a simple application download provided by the casino. Not all casinos offer this version, so be sure to check with their customer service first if you choose to play using this platform.
So your 3 main questions juggling around your head would be:
  1. Where will you be playing?
  2. What platform should you be using?
  3. Why should you use that platform?
Where ?  :   At home, or in your friend’s house, on your computer or laptop (Windows)
What ?  :   Downloadable version
Why ?  :   If you want a more focused online gambling experience, use the downloadable version, as it offers a direct-connect experience. Sometimes, using browser can slow things down if you don’t have a very fast Internet connection
Where ?  :   At home, or in your friend’s house, on your computer or laptop (Mac OSX)
What ?  :   Downloadable version (If you install a third party application) or instant play
Why ?  :   While many online casino tell you that their platform is not compatible for Macintosh users, here’s some good news for you – go to the application store on your Mac, and download the absolutely free to use application called ‘CrossOver’. This amazing third-party application will automatically launch whenever you attempt to download PC/Windows stuff into your Mac, and I honestly swear by this application whenever I play in 7Slots. If you don’t like the idea of installing more applications into your computer system, then sticking to instant play would be best
Where ?  :   At work
What ?  :   Instant Play (Recommended), or Downloadable Version
Why ?  :   Be sure to check your company’s policy on online gambling, because as far as concerned, many companies out there highly discourage this activity. Unless you’re the boss or your company does not mind that you surf entertainment sites during your free time or lunch hour, opt to download!
Where ?  :   Public Wi-Fi in Shopping Malls, Coffee Shops, Internet Cafés, etc.
What ?  :   Instant Play
Why ?  :   I personally do not recommend playing using public Wi-Fi because in most cases, the network connection is slow, so it will sure to drive you nuts if let’s just say you’re in a middle of a slot game with big bonuses and free spins. While you may still opt for instant play, try avoiding Internet cafés as they contain all sorts of malware and viruses, or worse, spyware that can track your keystrokes
Where ?  :   Mobile Phone, Tablet, iPad, at anywhere
What ?  :   Mobile Version
Why ?  :   As the name of the platform suggests, mobile version is only compatible with mobile devices. It runs faster and smoother than the original site and its resolution is tailored perfectly to fit your mobile screen, hence making it your only best choice. If the online casino does not state that they provide the mobile version, be sure to check with their customer service for further information.
7Slots online casino is running on the downloadable version powered by Playtech, the world’s leading software gaming company. It’s simple to download and takes only around 3 minutes for the download to complete on average network connection. A download link and login details will be provided after you have completed your registration; and not to forget, be sure to check out 7Slot’s promotions page to take advantage of our casino bonuses! Till then, have a great time winning!

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